Analytics Suite

Analyze the behaviors of Profiles in no time.

  • Authorization

    Methods to authorize and obtain JWT token required by our API endpoints

  • Aggregates

    Analyze event occurrences in a Profile context

  • Expressions

    Create your own indicators based on mathematical formulas or calculations for profiles and events and use them as derived attributes

  • Funnels

    Follow a Profile journey step by step

  • Histograms

    Used to compare the values of different metrics within specific time intervals

  • Metrics

    Metrics let you create your own indicators based on mathematical formulas or calculations of the events you analyze in Synerise

  • Metrics for recommendations

    Endpoints useful when including metrics in AI requests

  • Reports

    A report is a visual presentation of data aspects contained in metrics

  • Sankeys

    Sankey charts in Synerise let users reconstruct the flow of Profile actions before or after an occurrence of a particular event

  • Segmentations

    Segmentation is a method of organizing Profiles into groups that share the same characteristics

  • Trends

    A trend is a presentation of event occurrences over time on a chart

  • Analysis versions

    Manage the versions of your analyses

  • Analysis relations

    Examine the dependencies between different types of analyses

  • Analytics v2

    New endpoints for analytics