Data Management

Gather and manage data from all of your touchpoints and use it in our Analytics Suite or retrieve it for use in other services.

  • Authorization

    Methods to authorize and obtain JWT token required by our API endpoints

  • Events

    Record Profile actions and retrieve them for use within your applications

  • AI Events

    Event logging for the AI engine

  • Activities

    Manage activity descriptions and icons, get Profile activities from all your touchpoints

  • Schema Builder

    Flexible, re-usable data templates

  • Catalogs

    Store items in catalogs

  • Asset tags

    Use tags with resources such as promotions

  • Profile tags

    Tags that can be attributed to Profiles

  • Profile management

    Manage Profile details

  • Analytics: Expressions

    Create your own indicators based on mathematical formulas or calculations for profiles and events and use them as derived attributes

  • Analytics: Aggregates

    Analyze event occurrences in a Profile context